9/11 Memorial Plaza

Approaching 1 World Trade Center from Battery Park City.
Looking up at  1 WTC from within the Memorial Plaza. This tree of hope, aptly named The Survivor Tree, stands tall in the WTC Plaza, it is said to be the only tree on the grounds that survived the devastation of 9/11. It was nurtured to good health afterwards and now is a symbol of perseverance in the face of tragedy. Read more here: http://911memorial.org/survivor-tree
There are two reflecting pools in the Plaza representing the North and the South Towers.
The rim of the reflecting pools are engraved witht the names of those who died on 9/11




I took these photos during a lunch hour on my cell phone. The grounds are awesomely impressive and tragically beautiful.

Helmsley Building Night Colors

The Helmsley Building is currently my favorite building to photograph. For the pass two years or so, it has been fully lit in beautiful colors in the evening.

2015-12-19 17.18.06
candy canes and Christmas trees come to mind
2015-12-19 17.20.35
On a foggy night
2015-12-19 17.23.39
I’m not really fond of this color, it’s really pale to the naked eye. It stands out here with extra contrasting. 
2015-12-19 17.26.31
Looks like this was transitioning between violet and blue
Thumbnail (1)
Edited for my holiday cards.

From Wiki: The Helmsley Building is a 35-story building located at 230 Park Avenue between East 45th and East 46th Streets in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, which was built in 1929 as the New York Central Building, and was designed by Warren & Wetmore, the architects of Grand Central Terminal, in the Beaux-Arts style. Before the erection of the Pan Am Building – now the MetLife Building – this building stood out over the city’s second most prestigious avenue as the tallest structure in the great “Terminal City” complex around Grand Central.


Photo Challenge, Week 43: Spooky Halloween Infrared Animated GIF

Okay so this was a great learning opportunity! Actually, everything about photography is a learning experience for me still, but this challenge was intimidating – mostly because it included elements from Week 35: Translucent Outdoor Long Exposures that I didn’t have time to try, plus infrared photography which I was not familiar with. All that said, I think my first attempts with translucent long exposure in infrared came out okay.

What do you think?






IKEA Water Taxi: Brooklyn to Manhattan

Following the light of the setting sun.

Harlem Book Fair: Virtual Visit to Spirit Harvest Table

This is for everyone who would like to visit my table at the Harlem Book Fair, but is unable to. I will be offering a 10-15% discount at the Fair and that offer will extend to anyone who shops from this blog post using this code: WPHBF.

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Hope see you virtually!

Photo Challenge, Week 15: Migrating Birds

This week turned out to be a great learning week. I know very little about birds, certainly nothing about migrating patterns. However, I got very nice shots (in my opinion) of two birds I don’t think I’ve seen before and another that I never considered magnificent until I attempted to photograph it flight.

As of this challenge, my new goal for action photography is to capture clear close-ups of birds in flight or with spread wings. I learned a lot on this one and gained a great deal of enthusiasm for wildlife photography.

My submission, second choice and another favorite from this week:

Bird Bath!

I asked for some pointers for capturing flight on the group page and went back out to shoot with the advice in mind. The birds were still too fast for me, but I managed to capture drops of water as a bird bathed. #score! 🙂


This great egret was minding her own business when I tried to get close enough to photograph her. This is quite grainy, but it’s the best shot I got before she flew away.


Some just because shots:

Photo: LaShawnda Jones for Spirit-Harvest.com
Photo: LaShawnda Jones for Spirit-Harvest.com
Photo: LaShawnda Jones for Spirit-Harvest.com
Photo: LaShawnda Jones for Spirit-Harvest.com

Photo Challenge, Week 7: Outdoor – Wind

Week 7’s challenge was “outdoor: wind”. I immediately thought of a smoke stack in Times Square and hoped to avoid flags! Caught the smoke stack but one flag shot won the day. 🙂