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Doodle4Google 2017 Winner

I love this contest. The entries from young artists are so inspiring.

The 2017 winner is Sarah Harrison (CT):


Congratulations to Sarah Harrison from Connecticut in the 10th-12th grade group on being named the National Finalist of the 2016-17 Doodle 4 Google Contest for her doodle “A Peaceful Future”. Google is honored to award Sarah with a $30K college scholarship and a $50K technology award for her school, as well as sharing her doodle on the Google homepage for the world to see.

A Bright Future

The winning artists from this year’s contest shared powerful visions for the world of tomorrow with artwork that advocated for a cleaner environment, worldwide equality, advancing technology, and more. The next generation showed us a bright and hopeful future.

To see the various finalists, click here:

Quote: Inspiration is always everywhere…

“That which takes place by surprise, moments of happiness, that is inspiration.  Inspiration is there all of the time for everyone whose mind is not clouded over with thoughts, whether they realize it or not.  Inspiration is pervasive but not a power.  It is a peaceful thing.  It is a consolation even to plants and animals.  Do not think that it is unique.  If it were unique, no one would be able to understand your art work.  All of the moments of inspiration added together make what we call sensibility, and a development of sensibility is the most important thing for children and adults.”
~ Agnes Martin, from a lecture Cornell University in 1972

Phoenix Art Museum: Extras

Exhibit: Kehinde Wiley – Sculptures

While in Arizona in December, I made time to stop by the Phoenix Art Museum to see Kehinde Wiley’s exhibit. I’ve loved his style since I saw my first image of his at the Brooklyn Museum a decade ago. Until December I had only seen a few images. I was completely blown away by the breadth, scope and creative power he expressed in an exhibit I could only refer to as prolific. I will share some images of his work throughout a few posts. The Phoenix Art Museum exhibit ended at the beginning of January, but be sure to find him whenever he pops up near you.

Houdon Paul-Louis, 2011  Bronze with polished stone base

Likunt Daniel Ailin 2013 From the series The World Stage: Israel (De la serie La escena mundial: Israel) Bronze

Bound, 2014 Bronze

Cameroon Study (Estudio Camerun), 2010 Bronze

Advice to Young Women Artists

Photo taken at Guggenheim Museum’s Agnes Martin exhibit.

“The life of an artist is inspired self-sufficient and independent (unrelated to society).

The direction of attention of an artist is toward mind in order to be aware of inspiration.

Following inspiration life unfolds free of any influence.

Finally the artist recognizes himself in the work and is happy.

Nothing else will satisfy an artist.

An artist’s life is an unconventional life. It leads away from the example of the past. It struggles painfully against its own conditioning.

It appears to rebel but in reality it is an inspired way of life.”

(Published [as Advice to Young Artists])

~ Agnes Martin

9/11 Memorial Plaza

Approaching 1 World Trade Center from Battery Park City.

Looking up at  1 WTC from within the Memorial Plaza. This tree of hope, aptly named The Survivor Tree, stands tall in the WTC Plaza, it is said to be the only tree on the grounds that survived the devastation of 9/11. It was nurtured to good health afterwards and now is a symbol of perseverance in the face of tragedy. Read more here:

There are two reflecting pools in the Plaza representing the North and the South Towers.

The rim of the reflecting pools are engraved witht the names of those who died on 9/11




I took these photos during a lunch hour on my cell phone. The grounds are awesomely impressive and tragically beautiful.

Saving Daylight

The best thing about Daylight Savings is when leaving working after 7pm doesn’t mean I completely missed the sunset. Took a detour to the pier after leaving the office tonight and was rewarded with this peaceful and beautiful view.


Helmsley Building Night Colors

The Helmsley Building is currently my favorite building to photograph. For the pass two years or so, it has been fully lit in beautiful colors in the evening.

2015-12-19 17.18.06
candy canes and Christmas trees come to mind

2015-12-19 17.20.35
On a foggy night

2015-12-19 17.23.39
I’m not really fond of this color, it’s really pale to the naked eye. It stands out here with extra contrasting. 

2015-12-19 17.26.31
Looks like this was transitioning between violet and blue

Thumbnail (1)
Edited for my holiday cards.

From Wiki: The Helmsley Building is a 35-story building located at 230 Park Avenue between East 45th and East 46th Streets in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, which was built in 1929 as the New York Central Building, and was designed by Warren & Wetmore, the architects of Grand Central Terminal, in the Beaux-Arts style. Before the erection of the Pan Am Building – now the MetLife Building – this building stood out over the city’s second most prestigious avenue as the tallest structure in the great “Terminal City” complex around Grand Central.


Photo Challenge, Week 43: Spooky Halloween Infrared Animated GIF

Okay so this was a great learning opportunity! Actually, everything about photography is a learning experience for me still, but this challenge was intimidating – mostly because it included elements from Week 35: Translucent Outdoor Long Exposures that I didn’t have time to try, plus infrared photography which I was not familiar with. All that said, I think my first attempts with translucent long exposure in infrared came out okay.

What do you think?